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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Good Cannabis Links

So I know this blog is a lot of stories from Holland about my silly experiences.... I'd like to throw down a  few interesting links related to Cannabis

The Dopefiend Network- A wonderful network of podcasts where nearly all are related to Marijuana, with some about psychedelics as well... a great compilation

The Grow Report- A great forum site for the dopefiend network run by the Grow report...

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory- The most comprehensive site for coffeeshops throughout the Netherlands. They have info, directions, reviews, and many maps.....

ACD Forums- The coffeeshop forums where I've posted my stories as well... Hippy_man99 there if you want to say hi!

Grasscity Forums- Another weed forum that I've been posting in for years... great content

NORML- The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws- the main lobbying group from the US that supports MJ law reform and legalization... they have some great information and news stories on their NORML daily audio stash as well as a daily podcast

Marijuana Radio- Yet another great podcast about weedy stuff

The Union: the business behind getting high- A great documentary about the cannabis business in Canada

I have more but can't remember them :D


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