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Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a cold morning wind

its mornin here in Leiden... mostly cloudy and the sun has yet to rise.. theres a slight shimmer on the horizon... The wind is fierce and strong, with a bite that tells you winter is coming...
I'm enjoying the early morning alone...smoked a j outside in the cold and now i'm inside puffing on the iolite vape....
Sinterklaas came to town on saturday. Such a gathering of families and kids to see this character with his Zwarte Piet helpers (black pete) It was a massive event.
I decided to start this blog to post some of the past stories and current ramblings of an American Cannabis connoisseur in The Netherlands. I'm closing in on my first year here in this unique country.. with such liberal laws on Cannabis, but it's impossible to buy a bottle of Nyquil!. A flat land where bicycles rule and the roads wind in every direction.

It'll be a busy day of classes and research. But i'll probably make time for a trip to the coffeeshop... perhaps play some chess or cards... Life is good

peace all,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turkish delight and architectural marvels in Rotterdam

This past thursday was my anniversary with my other half. We've been together 9 years... quite a while for people as young as us... We decided to book a one day trip to Rotterdam to see the city. Actually she found this crazy turkish/middle eastern themed hotel that she really wanted to go to...
it's called the Hotel Bazar and I'd highly recommend it. The rates are a quite good... they start at 75 for a double... ours was a bit more at 115, but still a nice splurge. The rooms are lavishly decorated with crazy intricate rugs and tiles. It was an awesome experience...

Check it out.
The restaurant is really good as well. and the portion sizes are gigantic.

We set out the first evening and I ask if we could make a quick stop at a coffeeshop. She isn't a smoker, but is alright with me partaking.

We head on over to the Coffeeshop Sky High
and I roll up to the counter... They have A few weed choices, Edelweiss, white widow, bubbelgum, and amnesia. A few hashes as well.

I opted for a 15 euro bag of bubbelgum.. which was about 2.2 grams. The buds are really nice.... very tightly packed......

we settled in and I rolled a joint... smoked it and we peaced out... not the most hospitable coffeeshop... a little dark and smokey (not well ventilated)

The taste is quite nice... definitely has a smooth hit... sweet tinge to the taste... The high is quite strong, but not overwhelming.... and it's a bit of a forgetful weed.... numerous times I had to repeat myself and ask again... hehe...

The next day I ran sober, just to enjo eachothers company.... we wandered around the city finding all kinds of crazy art and architecture. if your into buildings and crazy architecture... I'd definitely recommend going to Rotterdam. Being that it's so new, there are numerous examples of really out there designs... I'll get some pics up too...

I'd recommend the Architecture Institute... It is an incredible modern museum and showcases the crazy buildings in the city...

After a long day of walking around teh city, we head back home.... I decide to go out to the bar to meet my buddy Noah. He's another american living in Leiden... studying just like me... So we chill out and play a few games of chess... He had the remnants of a 5 gram bag of No.1 from The Double AA in Leiden... a nice heavy indica for relatively cheap... he paid 30 for 5 grams... 6 euro a gram.... not bad... we roll up some moster fatties and spark up

(it's a little bar next to the Leidseplein where some days you can smoke in the whole bar... other days theres a little smoking room where you can smoke weed/cigs)

twas a fun night.. excellent weekend,

peace and happy toking!