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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Musical Jammin!

Last night was a normal day like any other,
I went to the lab, got some work done on my thesis, and decided to head on over to my favorite place in Leiden, The Leidseplein. When i got in the place was quite packed, so I decided to head over to the SamSam next door. The place is a bar which has a smoking room where you can smoke a j and enjoy a beer. When I went in I noticed on the wall there was an advertisement for the leidse rock company... a semi-newly formed musicians group were playing that evening.... I decided to head home, get some dinner... load my pockets with harmonicas, and head on back to the bar... I get back around 8:15 before the festivities started... rolled up a fatty and puffed away as they set up.

Until now I had thought this was a proper show... until they said "anyone else want to play up here?" I asked around and realized that it was an open Mic night!

So after a while I jump on stage and grab their guitar and play a few songs for the crowd... It was a bit rough to start out with.... seeing as I had no intention of being musical that evening... I had only brought the harmonicas on the off chance of collaboration.... Played about 4 songs then the main group came on and played some of their songs.... it was a very good set...

later in the evening I spoke with the person running the group and we set up a jam with the guitars, fiddle, mandolin and me on my harmonica... It was a musical night of fun!!! so much fun....