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Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a cold morning wind

its mornin here in Leiden... mostly cloudy and the sun has yet to rise.. theres a slight shimmer on the horizon... The wind is fierce and strong, with a bite that tells you winter is coming...
I'm enjoying the early morning alone...smoked a j outside in the cold and now i'm inside puffing on the iolite vape....
Sinterklaas came to town on saturday. Such a gathering of families and kids to see this character with his Zwarte Piet helpers (black pete) It was a massive event.
I decided to start this blog to post some of the past stories and current ramblings of an American Cannabis connoisseur in The Netherlands. I'm closing in on my first year here in this unique country.. with such liberal laws on Cannabis, but it's impossible to buy a bottle of Nyquil!. A flat land where bicycles rule and the roads wind in every direction.

It'll be a busy day of classes and research. But i'll probably make time for a trip to the coffeeshop... perhaps play some chess or cards... Life is good

peace all,

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