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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Konningendag adventures part 1 Den Haag nights

One of the craziest Dutch holidays is Konningendag or Queens Day... It's supposedly the Queens birthday (although it's actually the queen's mother's birthday) And what a holiday it is.

Honestly It's just an excuse to get completely wasted and rowdy with giant parties and concerts throughout the streets in any town or city. Me and some friends decided to go to Den Haag the night before. There's always numerous stages throughout the city with different bands playing and we decided why the hell not? We arrived by a train packed full of partiers, all covered in Orange (which is the big proper color that everyone wears) You could hear the music in the background as you left the station and walked towards the city. Tens of thousands of happy people roamed the streets singing and dancing and drinking....

We stopped by a few concert stages, but managed to keep missing the bands we wanted to see... ah well we just kept walking and listening though the city.... Halfway through the night the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down, soaking us to the bone.... I was really wet and cold....
As we approached the jazz stage I realized I had to pee really bad (must have been the beers).... I'm looking around and I spy a little coffeeshop :D.... and the wheels in my head start turning.... we get to the stage and I say "gotta run to the bathroom! be back in 10 minutes" I hop on over to the coffeeshop, take a piss, and run upstairs to buy a pre-rolled joint of white widow... 3 euro, not too bad a price.... And I head back to the crowd.... on our walk back to the station I thoroughly enjoyed my spliff in the evening.....

load on the warm train and a quick ride back to Leiden.... to sleep and get ready for our next adventures.... on the Real Queens Day, April 30th

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