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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The harvest is IN!!

So i must admit I've raved on here numerous times about my favorite shop, the Leidseplein but with good reason, their cannabis is primo and i have yet another example.

I've been smoking the Northern lights special for some time, and though it's a good smoke, some batches are a bit too airy and under developed... they're the Indoor grow from what I've found out. They also have Northern Lights Bio (which means grown in soil) and perhaps outdoors... although I don't know for sure... In any case they've been out of the Bio for a few weeks and I hadn't tried much of it... but to my pleasant surprise they have a wonderful new harvest!

the buds are tightly compacted and full of lovely yellow hairs and tons of white crystals... the smell is heavenly... a very piney aroma with an almost fresh hint of lemon...

Hitting it in the vape gives an interesting flavor. at first when it's heating up there is a slight woody musky flavor, but once the moisture is out the piney goodness just seeps in there...

The heavy high is clear thinking, with a body effect, but not fully debilitating... I don't get too much couch lock with this... it's a great smoke to ride on down the road to the park... or sit in and relax

gotta say my new favorite strain... I'll be buying a lot
here's some pics!

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