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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life's been far too busy lately to give a really long and intricate update...
Right now I'm sitting in the library trying to wrap my brain around the influence of Post Modernism on Archaeological theory..........

yeah... it's a pain in the ass to say the least. I've been using my iolite vape pretty much exclusively for the past week or so... Gotta say it's a life saver.... I use MUUUUCH less weed and still get incredibly high.... Here I could easily go through an eighth in a day rolling joints... now it takes nearly a week for the same amount of weed.... now that's the wonders of technology eh? getting us higher for less!

I'm hopefully planning another trip into amsterdam one of these weekends... I need to clear my mind of all this extraneous academic jargon and have a simple, peaceful day....

I've been practicing my guitar work and associated harmonica ramblings... I hope to find a good street and Busk for a bit.... just for the hell of it... something to do eh? so if you see a funny looking guy with a guitar, harmonica and a seriously glazed look in his eyes.... playing "Piano man" on the guitar.....that could be me!

anyone elseo have experience with busking in the Dam? perhaps if i make a little cash it can fund my cannabis

peace all

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