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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I was planning on spending a quiet evening at home watching TV and relaxing this friday. It had been a long week in the lab and I was looking forward to some down time. I popped in a PS3 game that's my roommates' and started to play. About an hour into it I hear a ring on the doorbell. Now the only other people who have used the doorbell have been the police to complain about the noise... ( our ass of a neighbor called the cops on my roommate for playing music and cleaning his apartment on a Saturday morning at 11)

So I look down and it's my buddy J chillin with a pipe and a chess board! We hop on the bikes and wander through town to the little park to play some chess in the Sun... a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Once we finish the clouds start to roll in and we start to feel little pricks of rain subtly hitting us... I decide lets head on over to the bar next to my fav. coffeeshop (The Leidseplein... i know i talk about it often.... but it really is awesome...)

So we grab a beer and smoke a jay talkin about cultural differences between the US and Europe. (He's a Belgian from Antwerpen with some interesting viewpoints... I enjoy the intelligent conversation!)

We head back to the coffeeshop next door and I grab another pre-rolled haze joint. (it has a bit too much baccy in it for me, but I enjoy supporting the shop. they deserve it) I run into my American buddy Noah who's studying here as well. We chat, we smoke, and we long to play another chess game in a shop with far too many people in it and not enough table space. I suggest a free squat/bar down the road that has a really lovely smoking room filled with plants called De Linkse Kerk (The Leftist Church). A bit of a socialist haven. We head on over and to finish our game.

I'm speaking with the bartender and he tells me the jam group from Bar en Boos (I've been to a number of music and drum jams with these guys) are playing an acoustic Jam session. So Noah and J head off home, and I head into the dark hall behind the bar... There's soft red and yellow light dimly lit. there's a smokey haze in there as well, slightly bluring one's vision and perceptions.... A circle of people were sitting playing guitars, bass, drums (bongos, Djembe, etc.) and a few microphones with percussion gadgets... Going in with my harmonica we had a great jam session into the night...

a good way to start the weekend!


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